GMFBridge & BridgeAtDiscont

If the render graph has been running for a while with the bridge disconnected, and then you connect the bridge, you don't want the timestamps to start at 0. Instead you want to start them at now + however long it takes to get from source to renderer. Essentially, it's when you want the clip to start fresh instead of being contiguous with the previous clip.

In earlier versions of GMFBridge, I tried to detect this situation by heuristics, but this was not always right (generating both false positives and false negatives). In the latest update, you need to explicitly request this: if you are bridging a clip which is not contiguous with the previous clip, when the render graph has been running, then you need to call BridgeAtDiscont(x, x, TRUE) to force the now+latency timing model.

Today's update also fixes a leak in EnumOutputTypes that was pointed out to me by Svante Arvedahl.

22 Sept 2006